New Construction vs Salvaging What is There

There is an Old Tahoe House on Rubicon Drive that was condemned by the Building Department. At first glance it would definitely be a tear down. However, given new driveway restrictions it pretty much made the lot unbuildable. That being the case the owners had to salvage what was there – much to their benefit. They were able to utilize the existing driveway which would be illegal in any new construction. Additionally, they did not have to put a fire sprinkler system in or adhere to Wildland Urban Interface restrictions.

The problem on our end was the house was temporarily shored up more than 10 years ago and the house appeared to be sliding. Our job was to shore up the existing mid-span of house, under front wall, excavate, pour concrete, then set the house down on the new foundation.

Shoring up under house and pouring new piers

Beginning of Job