If you are considering a new project from small to large, I will give you an honest/real appraisal of costs associated with the project. The hard part of building is starting – the other hardest part is finishing. Getting started on the right foot…with a well conceived plan is key.

I have seen a lot being involved in construction for so long. I work for other contractors and many owner builders. Many start a project haphazardly….thinking everything will work out – where this isn’t always the case. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of putting in place a well thought out plan before anything begins. And typically the most mistakes are made at the design stage…simply because people don’t realize the costs associated with their dreams. The Draftsperson or Architect will draw whatever you want…without any thought given to cost.

Owner Builder Versus Hiring a General Contractor

With the advent of Home and Garden TV and reality shows which are so far removed from day to day residential construction, I find myself more and more working for owner builders………and I favor it this way. Some of my best organized, thoughtful clients have been owner/builders. They can save a lot of money at the front end doing it this way. Additionally, they are heavily vested financially and emotionally in the outcome. Typically, they make my job far easier.